Clock Tower 3

Not much to report today. We had a really positive and exciting rehearsal on the Dvorak Piano Quintet this morming. The textures are getting clearer and the shape of the whole work is starting to come through. Such fun to play, especially when we don’t wallow in it.

Cello and I are feeling less estranged. I’ve decided the key with this (borrowed) instrument is to just let it get on with its job and not piss it off. If I really try to “play” it, not much happens, but if I just kind of encourage it, it sounds rather nice.

No Shostakovich rehearsal today, but I did re-listen to the famous Borodin recording. It’s a live performance, and wonderful one. They do keep the tempo relationships more-or-less intact, but the whole piece is quite a bit on the slow side. It seems obvious that this piece is related to the Preludes and Fugues and is modeled more on a Baroque Suite than a traditional sonata (note the slow-introduction-alla-french-overture first movement and the five movement form). Therefore, I would think there might want to be more sense of forward motion, but I can cope with the slow tempi as long as we can respect the overall shape of the piece. We’ve got plenty of time tomorrow, so I’m sure it will come together….

Durango continues to be beautiful, and there seems to be an endless abundance of good food and coffee here. the weather is glorious and the campus area is stunning. I’m having a great time working with all the new and old colleagues. My only regret is that United Airlines has lost my luggage, so I’m wearing less than fresh clothes until I can do some laundry. Just for the record that is the 11th time in 5 years that UNITED AIRLINES has lost my luggage for more than 24 hours. That’s UNITED AIRLINES that LOST MY LUGGAGE, for the 11th time in 5 years.

 Sorry, don’t usually like to turn this into a diary, but I just wanted to be clear about UNITED AIRLINES LOSING MY LUGGAGE, and the fact that UNITED AIRLINES NEVER SCANNED MY LUGGAGE, and that they (actually the UNITED AIRLINES REPRESENTIVE IN DURANGO COLORADO) LIED TO ME ON MONDAY when they said it was in Denver. I know they were lying because they’ve now admitted it has never been scanned anywhere…. 

Good times!

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