Blame Canada!

From A.C Douglas at Sounds and Fury, a great discussion of the CBC’s coverage of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. My post of the day: 

“One might argue that Canada’s state-funded way of doing such things is inimical to our market-driven, private-capital model which controls how we Americans go about handling such matters, and so the comparison is unfair.

Bullshit. We’re overwhelmingly the richest country in the world, and all that’s lacking here is the will, not the cash — petty cash at that as expenditures of tax dollars go.

We Americans are in the habit of poking good-natured fun at our Canadian neighbors generally, but we’ve much to learn from them, and rather than casting good-natured gibes their way we would do better — lots better — in this domain at least, to pay them close and earnest attention. In this domain they make us, collectively, appear to be not much more enlightened and cosmopolitan than a just-off-the-turnip-truck yokel.

PBS, NPR, and their Congressional federal funds allocators take serious note.”

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