We love Gramophone

For those of you who still read those quaint old “magazine” things they print on paper, I’m happy to report that one of the best of them, Gramophone, has seen fit to devote this month’s “Blogwatch” column to “A view from the podium.”

The piece is to be found on page 32 of the magazine, but is not available on line.I had hoped they might choose to feature my ground-breaking essay on podium sex, but instead, they’ve chosen to focus on my post about score marking (albeit in a slightly shortened version).  So- welcome to our new readers who’ve been steered this way by Gramophone and thanks to the folks at the magazine for drawing attention to the blog.  

By the way, we still love Google, as well. kennethwoods.net is back on top as the number one search result for conductor websites, after briefly falling behind New Jersey Semi-Conductors.  You never know who you’re competing with in life.  

c. 2006 Kenneth Woods  

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