End of week update on orchestra fire

Lots of good news. More and more people have stepped up to the plate to help, and things are looking up. Thanks to everyone that has helped.

We have come up with a good and simple plan, which is basically to create an institutional framework that will make sure business as usual is getting taken care of while we deal with fallout from the fire. The biggest danger right now is not the fire, but being so fixated on that that we don’t take care of things like getting the brochure for next season in the mail in the next few weeks, getting the details for our Mahler 1 concert sorted, getting our everyday business sorted. Everyone is taking a moment to outline their own time management setup, and the staff and the board are just walking through everyone’s duties as now adjusted. In the short term, we only have about half of the man-hours to do our regular work as we normally would, so there will be a lot of overtime (unpaid!) and a lot of volunteer time from the board and community.

I’d had a draining and exhausting week all-round, not limitted to the fire, up to the moment when we started rehearsing Elgar 1 with the Wrexham Symphony on Wednesday night. Within seconds, I felt every bit my old self, and the rehearsal was a joy, for which I thank them. The OES is going to feel quite rushed to be ready for Mahler 1, with rehearsals starting in about 5 weeks, but I wish it was sooner for everyone in Pendleton’s sake. What that organization needs now is music.

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