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We’ve tried to gather all the blog posts we could find so far on the symphony fire. The list is sure to be incomplete, and we’ll edit and update as we learn of other postings. Getting the word out about the situation is job no. 1 right now- if we can make a good, quick push and raise some substantial funds, we’ll be on our way to survival. 

Click here to make a donation to the OES Fire Renewal Fund using PayPal.

Thanks to everyone who’s written about us.

NEW!- Classical Convert- A beginner’s guide to classical music

NEW!- The Fauxharmonic Orchestra

Planned Purlhood (a must read for her background on the owners of the building and their general approach to maintenance and safety)

Adventures of an Idaho violist

Rebecca’s Blog  (who wisely writes about the importance of supporting small arts organizations as well as the behemoths)


more aworks

Soho the dog

David Stabler (music critic of the Oregonian)

Les Nouvelles

AMK’s Diary

nosnikreplliw (flickr photo blog)

Hiway 200

I Still Live in America

We’re making good progress raising funds, but it is a race against the clock. Small donations are just as appreciated as large ones- it _is_ worth taking the time to donate $10, just as it is with any number of digits in the number.

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    It’s us who thank you. I’ll see if we have had any contact with AFTA- that’s a brilliant idea.

    Many thanks again


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    Thanks so much for the very friendly comment and the link, I really appreciate it. fantastic blog, by the way!


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