UPCOMING CONCERTS- BBC National Orchestra of Wales


BBC National Orchestra of Wales   


Saturday, April 21st, 2007 

10:30 AM, 3:00 PM  

Newport Leisure Centre Newport, Gwent  Workshop and Concert Day for “Play it Again”   

From the BBC NOW Website-  


Play it Again events are an exciting opportunity for budding musicians aged 8-80 to come and play alongside members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, regardless of experience or ability. 


“You can now register online at bbc.co.uk/playitagain to take part in one of the two half-day workshops taking place on each date.  


“Play it Again events are all about having a go at making music. They are for everyone from people that play (or who have played) instruments or would like to sing or try their hand at percussion. If you’re an absolute beginner or haven’t played in years, come along and join in the fun!  


“You’ll get lots of support and the chance to play or sing with BBC musicians. Events are free and open to adults and children over eight. You can even have a free online music lesson with musicians from the orchestra.  


“The events are linked to a BBC television series called Play It Again which follows the musical journey of celebrities such as Aled Jones, Frank Skinner and Jo Brand. BBC One, Sundays at 8pm from 25 March – 29 April. ”  


Note-  Yes, these concerts are the same day as the WSO Elgar 1 concert on the other side of Wales. Fun, fun!  

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