Mellow down easy

I have about an hour and a half of quiet time today. That might be too much.

It sometimes seems that when you’re really, really busy, that’s the most tiring part of the day- the little lull or those few moments when your own inner soundtrack gets a chance to be heard.

As it is today, I’ve been visiting with some reporters who are in town to hear the orchestra and see what happens here. We had a long look at the office this morning, then a longer chat, then a look in the hall. Later there were some errands to be run and phone calls to be made. Finally, late this afternoon, I managed to get back to the apartment for my hour and a half of quiet time. I’m doing a  bit of studying, but a long day walking around in the May sun is not always conducive to staying awake once home and holding a score.

We should have about 90% of the orchestra for Mahler 1 at rehearsal tonight. There are still a few players from far away places who I don’t see until tomorrow, and one I won’t see until the concert (don’t ask- you have to be fearless in this business, though). As the roster comes together, it’s looking like the most new faces I’ve ever seen in one concert here.

We did just find out that our replacement recording gear (our kit was cooked in the fire) which was ordered overnight/ships-same-day last week only was sent out this afternoon. It might get here tomorrow, otherwise it’ll arrive Monday to be returned for a refund. If you’re thinking of ordering something from M*sician’s Fr*end that you really need at a specific time, like before a concert, you might think twice…

So, that’s been 20 minutes of my quiet time. I need to get back to some noise.Plan tonight- Play every note, get everyone headed toward a concept of sound.

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