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Here’s a nice follow-up/comment from David Sabler’s blog about his recent article on the Oregon East Symphony.

There’s also this  and this from Oboinsight.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised how many folks have responded to the Haydn thread. Hopefully this means real hipness is not dead. Check out this and this….

Also, this gives me a nice opportunity to remind readers how much I like comments, even ones that might dispute a point, on this blog. In fact, although I now get more hits on this blog every day than I ever imagined I would I continue to get way few comments than I’d hoped for or would like. Is it just a conductor thing? Are people so used to not conversing with the guy holding the stick? A lot of conversations at work begin with something along the lines of “was reading your blog last night and I really thought you should have also pointed out that….” Hey- put it in a comment! It makes me feel like I have friends!

Speaking of friends…. After much cajoling, I’ve set up a MySpace page. It’s been up there for one whole day, and I’m already stressing out about this “friends” business- it’s like going back to school. If you’re reading this and are on MySpace, why not add me to your friends list…..KW

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4 comments on “Comments and conversations”

  1. michelle

    Huh. I never leave comments because no one else does.

    myspace scares me. I prefer facebook.

  2. Kenneth Woods

    Yeah! A comment. See everyone- it’s easy….

    I have to say, I’m a bit baffled at the real reason we have both MySpace and Facebook. Is it a class thing? A culture thing?
    Thanks Michelle!


  3. Anna

    Thought you might like a comment!
    I feel the same, the number of visits are ever increasing, which is great, but as you say, few comments…
    So, just so you know, I’m here, and I’m reading, and I’m enjoying!

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