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In any normal week, this would have been the easy winner of “quote of the week.” At the end of my “words on music” session with the Gulf Coast Symphony, one of the audience paid me this rather unusual compliment. I’d sort of assumed that the folks that come to these things are the real hard-core music lovers, so I wasn’t expecting this-

“I really like the Words on Music sessions, because it helps me follow the various intonations of the pieces in concert, instead of just sitting there thinking “Oh god, when is it going to end, when is it going to end?”

I spent the next 24 hours thinking I’d misheard her, but then I saw her after the concert and she said….

“You did good. You know, it doesn’t have to just be unbearably boring- it can be passionate. Or unbearably boring…”

I hope she had us in the passionate column…

However, this quote, a description of me from a ten year-old African American in-law of the person in question, has trounced all contenders for quote of the week-

“You’re not white…. You’re Canadian.”


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2 comments on “Quote of the week”

  1. Jane Owings-Schaefermeyer

    I laughted until I had tears in my eyes. Here in Salt Lake City, we have many high school and college students who attend our concerts and lectures for credit. I would love to read their comments to their professors!

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