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Much as I dislike it whenever someone comes up with something that is significantly wittier than anything I’ve written in a long time, I have to admit, this post from Sequenza 21 had me howling. What would Alma Mahler have gotten up to in the age of Twitter?


@alma   Wassup, Tweeps! G. conducting 2nd 2nite. Goes on 4ever. Stuck at home w/ Evl Sis. Boorrring.   about1 hour ago from web


@AlexZ Did u show him my score yet? Did he like it? How much did he like it? Loved it, I bet. about 59 minutes ago from TweetDeck

@gropius Tx, God, u’re there, A. We r in bg trble. Must speak 2 u urg. G. has been talking about us 2 nut case Freud. It’ll be all ovr Vienna. about 59 minutes ago from TweetBerry

@alma OMG. I thought u were the only one G. didn’t know abt already. about 58 minutes ago from web

@ AlexZ Which part didn’t he like? I can re-write it. Always happy 2 do a re-write. about 57 minutes hour ago from TweetDeck

@gropius Crazy bastard said I had an edifice complex. Thinks he’s Woody Allen. about 55 minutes ago from TweetBerry

There’s more…..


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3 comments on “Post of the week”

  1. Anna

    Thanks for highlighting Sequenza 21’s post. Very funny. I couldn’t resist sharing with my Twitter friends so had to put up a tweet!

    Hope you are all well and Happy New Year!


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