snow days, grand openings and a chummy prince

I feel like a kid today, because here in Cardiff we are having a SNOW DAY! Of course, there is absolutely no snow to be seen in Cardiff L, but elsewhere in Britain, the nation has been pounded by a wintery onslaught of as much as THREE INCHES of the substance they call “The White Death.”

There’s really nothing better than a Snow Day- we love them as kids because of the freedom from school, but as adults, it’s the rare thing to suddenly find that you are free, as opposed to finding that you AREN”T, which seems to be my usual case.

Lest you think I’m being a bit tough on the United Kingdom of New Scandinavia, let me say two good things about the great nation in which I’ve made my new home. First- I FINALLY have my permanent settlement visa. To all my friends who have made the mistake of asking how my visa progress was going, I apologize- it’s all done now!!!!!

Second, Suzanne met and had a lovely and surprisingly chilled out conversation with Charlie, the Big C, his Priciness, the heir with the hair, the most famous ex-husband in history after the BBC NOW concert on Friday. How cool is that. It’s actually the second time they’ve met- he’s a very sweet guy as far as anyone who has met him can tell. I don’t know why the media are always such bastards to him.

Here are a few snaps of the new Hoddinott Hall. You can hear the orchestra breaking in the space on your BBC I Player for the next few days here.

And here are some snaps of the new space, which the orchestra badly needed and richly deserved! I’m looking forward to my first session in there.






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