Classical Music Magazine on KW and Gal

There is a very nice piece in the current issue of Classical Music magazine on music of Hans Gal and our current efforts to get his music on disc. Click on the scan below to see a full sized (and easier to read) version. Regular Vftp readers will know that the first Gal CD discussed below (Triptych and the Violin Concerti) is available, and well worth a listen. The new disc of Gal and Schumann 3rd Symphonies with Orchestra of the Swan is currently in post-production and scheduled for release on June 6, 2011.

One small correction- my chamber music mentor at the University of Cincinnati in the 1990’s was Henry Meyer, not Viktor Meyer. My debt to Henry is a teacher and mentor is enormous, but it was actually my colleague on the Triptych CD, Annette-Barbrara Vogel, who introduced me to to Gal’s music for the first time.

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