Explore the score: Schumann- Symphony no. 2

(First time using “Explore the score?” Just click on the hyperlinks within the text to hear the musical excerpts.) “Here is something truly symphonic, a gesture worthy to introduce a great work…” Hans Gál, Schumann Orchestral Music “I sketched it at a time when I was ailing, and I may well state that it was, […]

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Beethoven 9 Pontifications, part II. Decoding those pesky metronome markings

The metronome mark  problem. If you’ve been reading the classical music press over the last month or so, you would swear up and down that the great Riccardo Chailly had personally discovered the metronome markings  in the Beethoven symphonies. Not so! It turns out those markings have been in the music for years, that a […]

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LvB 9- Concert done, pontifications begin. About those famous sextuplets

Apologies to Vftp fans who have been virtuously checking their Google Reader for new posts, only be to repeatedly disappointed. It has been a very busy few weeks, to say the least. Of course, during busy periods like this there always ends up being a tragic imbalance between a wealth of things to talk about […]

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