72 hours for Bobby and Hans

Hi everyone-

Update time- only 72 hours left. That’s just 3 days until Ken’s crowd-funding days are over for ever



This has been a great week overall- so many generous donations have come in from all over the world, and we’ve had a tidal wave of tweets, likes, blog posts and shout outs. We’ve made amazing progress.

But today was a set back- very slow on the donation front in spite of lots of encouraging efforts from supporters to get things going. Another day like this, and we’re going to be in dire shape.

I can’t believe we won’t be successful- I just know there are more than enough people out there who have enough musical perception and moral center to see the urgency of giving a composer like Gal a chance at the listenership history and the National Socialists managed to deny him. I can’t believe we can’t find a few hundred people who would give £10 each or a few dozen who would give £100 each to make this CD happen.

Believe me, there’s nothing I want to do more now than take a long vacation from all social media and email, but I can’t believe there aren’t enough folks out there who care enough to make this campaign a success. Somehow, in spite of all of our work so far, we’ve either not reached your heart, or we’ve made you tune out.

If you’ve tuned out, please remember- we’re just hacks at this stuff. We’re musicians, not marketing gurus. Don’t hold our lack of communication skills against us. If you’ve like us to shut up, just give us some cash so we can put this thing to bed.

If we haven’t reached your heart yet? Well, we’re going to give it our all for 72 more hours. Maybe you should start with the music? Follow the link here to the “Bobby and Hans Listening Room” and check out the stream of the first movement of the Concertino for Violin and Strings (near the bottom of the page), written during Gal’s difficult years between becoming a “non-person” in Germany and settling into a new life in Scotland. It was written with no prospect of performance, and sat in a drawer until after the war. This was the first recording.

If it doesn’t reach your heart, I worry for us all!


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