More Mahler 7 connections

Hi Mahler fans. Following on from last week’s post on Mahler 7, I’ve had a number of questions, challenges and queries which have led to some very illuminating discussions. I thought I’d share a few highlights of those here. A couple of readers asked what the connection (“to be continued”) is between M7 and M8. […]

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BREAKING- Leading Professional Orchestra To Give Up Music

A leading professional orchestra has announced they are giving up rehearsing, teaching and performing music to focus on their “core mission,” it has been announced. The board and management of the Southlands Sinfonia in Weicester have decided to cancel all future plans for concerts, recordings and music courses to “focus on what makes this orchestra […]

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Performer’s Perspective- Mahler 7, a culmination

Originally published in 2010: I finally managed to make it to one of the Mahler in Manchester concerts this past weekend (in spite of my blog project, I’ve had concerts of my own every previous concert night). Happily, this time I had a rehearsal in Manchester, so I was able to catch Gianandrea Noseda and […]

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