Thoughts, news and reviews just about the great Robert Schumann


June 2010- Schumann CelloConcerto, or “Ken’s Folly.” Thoughts on playing without conductor

June 2010- Comparative Listening. Don’t Mess with Bobby Ken compares Shostakovich’s re-orchestration of the Schumann Cello Concerto with Bobby’s original. Guess whose is better….

June 2009- Bobby’s Fourth. Ken reveals the secret of great Schumann performances. Hint- it may have something to do with trusting and embracing Schumann.

September 2008– Schumann’s Hidden Masterpiece. Thoughts on Schumann’s final orchestral work, the wonderful and mysterious Violin Concerto

June 2008- Schumann and Bach in the 2nd SymphonyKen helps crack the many musical codes hidden in Schumann’s greatest orchestral work.

June 2008- Schumann Orchestration and Mozart tempi. “I’ve never been tempted to change a bar of Schumann’s orchestration- his ear for color is too imaginative and inspired, and it has just never been necessary.”



June 2010- Mandred Overture with  SMP

June 2009- Fourth Symphony with SMP

May 2009- Second Symphony with Cheltenham Symphony

June 2007- Schumann Cello Concerto with Gemma Rosefield,