Young Concertmaster’s Guide to the Orchestra, Part IV. Final thoughts and my Top 11 tips

Concluding thoughts- Being a concertmaster is an extremely high-stress job, in which you have to work to a very high standard, while often sublimating some of your own instincts and ego as a musician.  You may well miss opportunities to work with less pressure or to focus on getting the interpretations you want of works […]

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By request- Top 20 Conductor/Orchestra collaborations of All Time

Erik K has suggested we compile a list of the top orchestra/conductor collaborations of all time. This list is the result of literally minutes of careful contemplation in the car yesterday on my way to work. I’m hoping some of you brave souls will offer your own lists via the woefully underused “comments” function (or […]

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Messiah- Top 11 tips for not messing it up.

William from Phoenix emailed the following over the weekend- “Dear Maestro Woods- I’m a regular VftP reader and young conductor about to do my own first Messiah at my church this coming week. I read your posts about the piece, but was hoping you might write a bit offering some specific musical suggestions for someone […]

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