Richard Strauss at 150

As the music world celebrates the 150th birthday of composer Richard Strauss with a wealth of performances and re-assessments of his musical legacy, the VFTP archive team have been gathering together Ken’s key writings on this most important and often misunderstood composer.

Strauss looking ready for the climb

Strauss looking ready for the climb

Check in throughout the anniversary year for new bits of opinion, provocation and occasional insight.

  1. Re-rating Richard part III: Strauss, personality and politics
  2. Re-rating Richard part I: Strauss, he was no Mahler, he was no Wagner.
  3. Re-rating Richard part II: Strauss, innovation and absolute music.
  4. Strauss and Mahler’s perilous descent from the summit
  5. Metamorphosing Beethoven
  6. On my desk- Strauss Romanze for Cello and Orchestra
  7. Tod und Verklarung- a study in hope

Discover more at Strauss’s Voice, the microsite behind The Bridgewater Hall’s celebration of Strauss at 150