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BREAKING: Music Industry Shock as Leading Orchestra Appoints Conductor Based on Skill at Conducting

The music industry reacted with wide-eyed amazement this month as the world’s leading orchestra announced they were appointing someone to the prestigious position of Principal Conductor based on his ability to conduct. Across Europe, North America and the Far East, orchestral managers, agents, musicians and music lovers expressed genuine shock at the news that a […]

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On The Health Benefits of Head Banging

A study on the life arcs of 1980’s-era heavy metal fans has been making the news this week, and its main conclusion is no surprise to me: In fact, researchers find that former metal fans “were significantly happier in their youth, and better adjusted currently” compared to their peers who preferred other musical genres, and […]

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Charleston: I am aware

I was not aware of what had just happened, but sometimes, it’s better not to know. Today my colleagues (Matthew Sharp, David LePage, Suzanne Casey and Catherine Leech) and I played a noontime recital as part of the English Symphony Orchestra’s Magna Carta 800 celebrations at Worcester Cathedral . The entire festival has been a […]

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This is a Reblog: Read the original official press release from MusicCo International UPDATE- A new interview as Ken speaks to Peter Alexander at Sharps and Flatirons here.  Coverage from Norman Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc here: “The Colorado MahlerFest in and around the city of Boulder is one of the boldest musical initiatives of modern times. ” […]

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BREAKING: Vftp 538’s the Berlin Philharmonic. We know for sure that the next Chief Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic will be:….

Next week the Berlin Philharmonic picks a new Chief Conductor. There’s always bound to be curiosity about who is going to get the best job in any field of interest to the general public (there seems to be much curiosity this week over who will run the United Kingdom next week), so it’s encouraging that […]

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Nine reasons you might just get away with a mistake in concert

So you made a mistake on the gig yesterday. I feel your pain. We all make mistakes- I made a real howler twice in the same place on a cello gig recently and it’s been bothering me ever since. Mistakes are a controversial and painful subject for musicians. Nobody likes making them, and nobody likes […]

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