Psalm- Contemporary British Trumpet Concertos

Psalm Cover

Released 10 November, 2014
Simon Desbruslais- trumpet
Orchestra of the Swan
Kenneth Woods and David Curtis conductors

Deborah Pritchard- Skyspace for Piccolo Trumpet and Strings *
Robert Saxton- Psalm, A Song of Ascents *
John McCabe- Trumpet Concerto “La Primavera” *
Robert Saxton- Shakespeare Scenes

*Conducted by Kenneth Woods

Product Description

A collection of new works for trumpet and orchestra by British composers Deborah Pritchard, Robert Saxton and John McCabe, performed by renowned trumpeter Simon Desbruslais with the Orchestra of the Swan under conductors Kenneth Woods and David Curtis.


**** ‘These are four varied and rather finely written concertos, full of incident they each explore different aspects of the trumpet as a solo instrument. I was particulaly taken with Robert Saxton’s complex yet seductive music, but all have an aspect which appeals … The music is difficult to play, Saxton’s music in particular makes heavy demands on the orchestral players and the Orchestra of the Swan comes up trumps and matches Desbuslais for virtuosity, whilst giving discreet support when necessary. Throughout conductors David Curtis and Kenneth Wood guide everything with skill and poise. Simon Desbruslais has his eye on further new works to expand the trumpet repertoire, but in the meantime do try this disc.’ –Robert Hugill Planet Hugill 15th November 2014