Back to Oxford

I’ve come across an interesting blog that is new to me, Michael Monroe’s MMmusings. A recent post called “Saving the Best for First,” caught my attention because it alluded to a post of mine about Haydn’s Symphony no. 92, the “Oxford.” Thanks to Michael for the shout out. As a matter of fact, my much […]

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Haydn the Subversive

There is an interesting piece in Slate magazine today comparing Haydn and Mozart, which is well worth a read. The author, Erik Tarloff, has some very nice and valid points, however I still think that looking at Haydn primarily as a composer of reason and balance actually misses a crucial aspect of his artistic personality. […]

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I’d say that admiration for Haydn’s music is a pretty good measure of anyone’s musicianship, taste, maturity, imagination, humility, education, wisdom, sense of humor, appreciation for craft and understanding of human nature.

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