The worst conducting advice in the history of the universe

Several months ago I was sipping a flat white in a café with a friend and former student who was describing the teaching methods of one of America’s more eminent conducting pedagogues- a gentleman I’ve never met nor observed. Apparently one of his favorite aphorisms these days is that, when conducting, “the camera is always […]

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David Stabler/The Oregonian on timpanist Jonathan Greeney

David Stabler has a great piece in this week’s Oregonian focusing on the new timpanist of the Oregon Symphony, Jonathan Greeney, who finished his tenure period with the orchestra this summer. If you’ve enjoyed the fantastic Boston Magazine piece on the difficulties of the percussion audition circuit, read my thoughts about the flawed audition and […]

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Undercooking Beethoven 9

It probably won’t surprise too many readers to learn that on the relatively rare occasion I get to sit down and veg out with the television, I’m as likely to watch cooking shows as anything. Given that, I should start today by saying a sincere “rest in peace” to cooking show legend, Keith Floyd, who […]

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