BREAKING- Major American Orchestra Appoints Bernstein Hologram as new Music Director

One of the longest music director searches in US classical music history is about to come to a surprising and historic conclusion, sources tell View from the Podium reporters, as a major American orchestra prepares to appoint the holographic image of Leonard Bernstein as the holder of the orchestra’s 17th music directorship early next month. […]

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BREAKING- Olympic Athletes to Mime Entire 2012 Games

London- Eyebrows were raised across the sporting world today when anonymous sources within the Olympic organizing committee revealed  that athletes in the 2012 Games have been told to mime their events to a pre-recorded result and commentary. In the case of the eagerly-awaited Men’s 100 Meter event, the actual race was run under controlled conditions […]

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BREAKING- Coalition Government to Introduce “Mahler Licensing Scheme”

The Home Office is launching a new “Mahler Licensing Scheme” from 2013, it was announced on Tuesday in Downing Street. “If the tragic events of 2010-11 taught us anything” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a joint press conference with Home Secretary Teresa May and leading Mahler biographer Henri Louis de la Grange “it is […]

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