2010 Repertoire Report- Troy Peters

Next up in our 2010 Repertoire Report listings is one of the top youth orchestra conductors in the United States, Troy Peters. Troy brought the Vermont Youth Orchestra to national acclaim during his tenure there, and has had his ensembles play alongside leading rock bands and work with eminent composers. A world-premiere by Daron Hagen […]

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Oh no! More tips…. Now it’s the poor composers….

I’m a bit concerned that this sudden outpouring of advice is making me look even more like a pompous gasbag than I do simply by virtue of being a conductor (and worse yet, a conductor who writes), but then there was this….   In the comments on More Tips for Soloists, composer Rob Deemer asks- Nice posts, […]

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Yes, composition is analysis

Yes, composition is analysis. Let’s start by remembering I didn’t say composition is only analysis. Take for a moment Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony, which I wrote about here. If one sits down and carefully analyzes the piece in its final form, you can’t help but be struck by how logically and organically it is constructed. The […]

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