The worst conducting advice in the history of the universe

Several months ago I was sipping a flat white in a café with a friend and former student who was describing the teaching methods of one of America’s more eminent conducting pedagogues- a gentleman I’ve never met nor observed. Apparently one of his favorite aphorisms these days is that, when conducting, “the camera is always […]

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nopr: Does Science Really Need Scientists?

  Have you ever wondered whether scientific scientists actually influence their science experiments? They seem important. After all, they’re standing in the middle of the lab wearing white coats and goggles, doing stuff, giving instructions, waving their hands and pressing buttons. But the science machines are all connected to computers that are telling them what […]

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Trust issues

Any smart conductor knows that one thing you never want to tell an orchestra, unless you absolutely have to, is anything along the lines of “watch me,” “follow me” any other turn of phrase that can be translated as “obey my will, you scum.” On the other hand, there are times when the single most […]

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