The worst conducting advice in the history of the universe

Several months ago I was sipping a flat white in a café with a friend and former student who was describing the teaching methods of one of America’s more eminent conducting pedagogues- a gentleman I’ve never met nor observed. Apparently one of his favorite aphorisms these days is that, when conducting, “the camera is always […]

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Uncle Dmitri says you must bring BEEG rabbit.

  The excerpt above is the beginning of the 3rd movement of Shostkovich’s 10th Symphony, a work I conducted last week with the Kent County Youth Orchestra. Shostakovich 10 is a serious piece, and a seriously difficult piece. When news gets out that I’m doing a piece like this with a youth orchestra (“Shostakovich 10???? […]

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The secret handshake….

I write this morning from the warm confines of the KLM Elite lounge at Birmingham Intl airport. Perhaps the only perk of spending so much time traveling is that, every once in a while, the airlines throw you a tiny little biscuit, such as being able to use the posh lounge for free…. It’s actually […]

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