Classical Music Magazine on KW and Gal

There is a very nice piece in the current issue of Classical Music magazine on music of Hans Gal and our current efforts to get his music on disc. Click on the scan below to see a full sized (and easier to read) version. Regular Vftp readers will know that the first Gal CD discussed […]

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Bobby and Hans- Two Days and Two Symphonies with Orchestra of the Swan, part I

I’ve been enjoying my first couple of relatively quiet days at Vftp International Headquarters in some time. So much has happened in the last several weeks that I’ve been torn between wanting to do a whole bunch of blogging to take stock of all that experience and wanting to do a whole lot of sleeping […]

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Pre recording session Gal thoughts

I’m writing tonight from the neighborhood of the Sage Gateshead, home of Northern Sinfonia, where tomorrow afternoon we begin recording sessions for the first-ever disc of the orchestral music of Hans Gál. (The Sage Gateshead- where Hans Gal is in the house for much of this month) I promised readers some thoughts about Gál’s music- […]

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