BREAKING: Trump to Eliminate Horn Splits As President

Ex-trustfunder turned billionaire-blowhard-reality-show-junkie-cum-presidential-candidate Donald Trump waded into fraught cultural waters today with a speech in Vetterficker, Alabama during which he promised to “put an end to horn splits and fracks in my first 100 Trump-days as Trump-President of the United States of Trump.” “Horn splits are a pervasive problem in our orchestral society,” said Trump, […]

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10 Things Every Musician Should Know About Intonation

  10- The tuning slide allows a trumpet player to adjust how sharp he or she is to the rest of the orchestra. 9 – Violinists invariably play sharp when they’re under pressure, which is always. This is why they tune their open strings higher than the rest of the string section. 8- High C […]

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