Robert Schumann

The All-Time Official Greatest Unknown Violin Concertos. These 10 Fantastic Pieces are Going To Completely BLOW YOUR MIND

Ever wonder what  sort of concertos exist for the violin beyond the marvelous mainstays from Mozart,  Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Brahms and Sibelius? Well- there’s a lot out there. There are a number of tremendous 20th. C concerti that are now pretty well established in the repertoire, such as those by Shostakovich (particularly his First), Barber, […]

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The Greatest Unloved Symphonies

I just conducted Bruckner’s Second Symphony for the first time a few days ago- even many of the most pro-Bruckner opinion makers seem to think that only his symphonies from the Fourth onward are worth doing, and the often over-zealous defences of the early symphonies by well-intentioned  fans of the composer sometimes do more harm […]

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Bobby and Hans vol 3

Explore the Score- Schumann Symphony in D minor

It’s time for the third installment in our Explore the Score series on the Schumann symphonies. Our new recording of Gal’s 2nd Symphony and Schumann’s Fourth has just been released on Avie Records. Ordering via these links helps support these important recordings. Explore the score: Schumann Symphony no. 2. Explore the score: Schumann Symphony no. […]

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Session Diaries- Bobby and Hans vol. 3 with Orchestra of the Swan, Monday morning…

Monday, 3 December, 2012 Session 1- 10:00 AM Scheduled: Schumann- Symphony no. 4, mvts 1 and 2 Recording is like nothing else- getting great material on disc requires a rather unforgiving balance of precision and passion. To get the kind of passion and energy that makes a recorded performance leap out of the speakers, the […]

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Bernard Sherman top 10 Classical CDs of 2011- Orchestra of the Swan Bobby and Hans vol. 1

A big thank you to Jason in Iowa, who alerted us to the fact that the eminent musicologist and Brahms scholar, Bernard D. Sherman,  picked Orchestra of the Swan’s recording of the Third Symphonies of Hans Gal and Robert Schumann as one of his top 10 best Classical CDs for 2011, as listed on his […]

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CD Review- Classic FM Magazine on Bobby and Hans volume 1

A new review in the September Classic FM Magazine of Bobby and Hans volume 1 from Andrew Mellor, now on newsstands. An excerpt follows:       Get your copy direct from Avie   Download from iTunes Order Here from Presto Classical From Classic FM Magazine September 2011 Schumann, Gal **** (Four stars) “Rhenish” Symphony […]

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The Classical Review- Interview with KW

There is a quite substantial interview piece with me  by Colin Anderson online at The Classical Review today. We talked about recording Gal and Schumann, why I’ve paired them for this project, as well as talking about about Vftp itself and the Mahler recording. A very short sample follows, but you should check out the […]

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