Young Concertmaster’s Guide to the Orchestra, Part IV. Final thoughts and my Top 11 tips

Concluding thoughts- Being a concertmaster is an extremely high-stress job, in which you have to work to a very high standard, while often sublimating some of your own instincts and ego as a musician.  You may well miss opportunities to work with less pressure or to focus on getting the interpretations you want of works […]

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Young Concertmaster’s Guide to the Orchestra, Part II. Musical Leadership

In Part II, we look at the space in which musicianship and leadership skills come together in the job of the concertmaster. Musical Leadership- This is the most complex and important part of your job, in which you have to combine your skills as an artist and a leader, moment to moment in real time […]

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Oh no! More tips…. Now it’s the poor composers….

I’m a bit concerned that this sudden outpouring of advice is making me look even more like a pompous gasbag than I do simply by virtue of being a conductor (and worse yet, a conductor who writes), but then there was this….   In the comments on More Tips for Soloists, composer Rob Deemer asks- Nice posts, […]

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