Which would you rather conduct? Or: Joining the Mozart Protection Society

Eighteen months ago in a program planning session, this sentence filled me with dread: “How about a clarinet concerto?” Don’t get me wrong- I love the clarinet as much as the next guy, but, in my experience, nobody ever really means “how about a clarinet concerto?” They almost always mean “how about the clarinet concerto?” […]

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Franck and the lost middle ground

This Satuday evening I’m conducting a program that includes Berlioz’s Corsaire Overture, the Saint-Saens 3rd Violin Concerto and the Franck Symphony in D minor. It’s almost ten years to the day since I last conducted the Franck (that time around it was paired with the Ravel Pavanne pour une infante defunte and the Chausson Poeme […]

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