Guest blog- Nigel Hughes, trombonist

Regular Vftp readers will have read before about my colleague at the Wrexham Symphony Orchestra, Nigel Hughes. Nigel is the orchestra’s principal trombonist. He is also blind. (He also designed the orchestra’s excellent website). The fact that someone can play works like Rachmaninov 1, Shostakovich 7 and Mahler 6 (a sampling of the works we’ve […]

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“Mahler Comes to Wales” and everywhere else

Mahler is in the air today- I’m on way to rehearsal this evening, and what should I find on my daily check of Norman Lebrecht’s Slipped Disc but a mention of the very concert I’m conducting here in Wrexham The American conductor Kenneth Woods is about to present the sixth symphony as part of a […]

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WSO- Rach 1

Well, I’m finding myself a bit surprised that I can finally say that the first half of my 2008-9 concert year is over, and that my musical 2008 (barring any last-minute calls) is done. I’ll miss doing the Messiah this year, but I’m glad to be finished. It’s been a tough, rewarding and draining few […]

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