Getting there is half the fun part 3

Left early today for Lancashire Chamber Orchestra concert via Hereford where our dog will be spending the night. The car is actually quite comical- Suzanne, Steve and I and Murphy (the dog) with all of Steve’s travelling gear (he’s been in Europe for a couple of weeks, now) and his guitar. Steve is smashed in […]

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Getting there is half the fun part 2

Steve and I go through his two pieces today. One is a world premiere by Gerald Garcia called Heart of the Rose, a concerto in three movements for strings and guitar. It’s a little pop for my usual tastes, but it makes up for it with a lot of fresh humor and very good virtuoso writing for the guitar. I’m […]

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Getting there is half the fun

Meeting Steve Thackuk at the train station this afternoon. Steve is a wonderful guitarist and twin brother of one of my best friends from my Cincinnati years, Brad Thackuk (who is a fine conductor). Steve will be soloing on this weekend’s Lancashire Chamber Orchestra Concert. I’m looking ahead at my calendar for the next few […]

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