Classical Music Magazine on KW and Gal

There is a very nice piece in the current issue of Classical Music magazine on music of Hans Gal and our current efforts to get his music on disc. Click on the scan below to see a full sized (and easier to read) version. Regular Vftp readers will know that the first Gal CD discussed […]

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UPDATED: 2010 Conductor Repertoire Report Showdown, Comparison and Analysis

Repertoire Report season is nearly at it’s end. A number of you have emailed recently to say you are working on a report- it’s now or never, my friends! Meanwhile, we thought it might be interesting to compare the reports of four of this year’s conductors side by side. We’ve combined the Reports for Semyon […]

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2007-10 KW Repertoire Report Statistical Analysis and Listing

My initial impulse in the Repertoire Report project came from frustration observing the difficult of getting a clear or even honest answer from teachers, famous conductors , artist managers or orchestra administrators when many of my fellow students at workshops and festivals would ask things like “how many pieces does a working professional conductor need […]

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