CD Review- The Irish Times on Ensemble Epomeo: Gal and Krasa, Complete String Trios

A new four-star review for Ensemble Epomeo’s debut CD from Michael Dervan of the Irish Times.

Dervan says of the Krasa works “the trios by Krása were written in the months before his death. Tanec (Dance) mixes light and dark, the Passacaglia and Fuga shift from sombreness into agitation.” Of the Gal trios he writes “Gál’s 1932 Serenade (a genuflection to Beethoven’s serenades) and 1971 Trio in F sharp minor are much lighter. The Serenade at times doesn’t so much seem neo-classical as an attempt to re-settle in a lost world, and the gravity of the Trio’s opening movement is followed by music in an altogether lighter vein.”

Dervan also reports that “The performances by members of Ensemble Epomeo are highly persuasive.”

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