20 Hours for Hans Gal!

Just about 20 hours left in the campaign for Hans Gal and Robert Schumann.Thank you, everyone who has given, tweeted, liked, emailed, blogged and helped.We’re in striking distance, but we need to see more people take action and give. I know there are still a lot of people out there who support the aims of this campaign, who believe that this is a worthwhile cause, but haven’t yet given. We need your help

Hans Gal’s Violin Concerto was premiered in 1933, just weeks before Hitler came to power. The concert was conducted by the great Fritz Busch, and Georg Kulenkampff, then the most famous violinist in Germany, was the soloist- at that moment, Gal stood atop the musical world.

Less than 100 days later, he was unemployed and unemployable. His music was banned. The Violin Concerto was not played again for over 70 years.

Your donation can help right that wrong.

And, you’ll love the disc!


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