Rosbaud conducts Sibelius and Debussy

If Sibelius is good, this invalidates the standards of musical quality that have persisted from Bach to Schoenberg: the richness of inter-connectedness, articulation, unity in diversity, the ‘multi-faceted’ in ‘the one’. Theodore Adorno, 1938 Sibelius fans rejoice. Earlier this spring I was asked to write liner notes for this fascinating CD of performances by Hans Rosbaud and the […]

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Explore the Score- Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no. 1

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky seemed to be singularly unlucky in choosing the dedicatees of his great concertante works.  He wrote his evergreen Variations on a Rococo Theme for the cellist William Fitzenhagen. As always, Tchaikovsky invited Fitzenhagen to suggest improvements to the solo part, but Fitzenhagen went far further- he re-ordered the variations, cutting one entirely. […]

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Laziness, cynicism and hypocrisy? The hard truth about the “why are there no women conductors?” question

The music world has reacted this week with a mixture of genuine moral outrage and cynical Schadenfreude to one conductor’s recent take on the place of women in the conducting world. For all the howls of indignation, what I haven’t seen from most people writing about the issue is a knowledge of the talents, achievements […]

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