Performer’s Perspective- Mahler 1, a challenge

The Bridgewater Hall- Mahler in Manchester Mahler in Manchester begins this weekend, as Gianandrea Noseda leads the BBC Philharmonic in Mahler’s 1st Symphony. The performance takes place at 7:30 PM on the 16th of January, 2010 in The Bridgewater Hall Even today, the First probably remains Mahler’s most popular piece- a generation ago, it was […]

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The violin may be sharp, but the piano is flat…

My recent posts on KZ and Franz Mohr have left me wanting to follow up with some of my own, rather inexpert, opinions on piano tuning. This may sound like an outrageous sacrilege, but I really struggle with the intonation of pianos, and I find myself very much at odds with Franz Mohr’s description of […]

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