UPDATED: 2010 Conductor Repertoire Report Showdown, Comparison and Analysis

Repertoire Report season is nearly at it’s end. A number of you have emailed recently to say you are working on a report- it’s now or never, my friends! Meanwhile, we thought it might be interesting to compare the reports of four of this year’s conductors side by side. We’ve combined the Reports for Semyon […]

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2010 Repertoire Report- Leonard Slatkin

Next up in the 2010 Repertoire Reports, one of our annual mainstay’s, Leonard Slatkin. By one measure, Leonard seems to be slowing down this year-  mere 91 works plus unlisted pops selections, compared to 121 2008 and 2009. One might be tempted to think that he’s taking it a bit easier after well-publicised health problems. […]

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