Thoughts on the Saint Louis Requiem Protest

Via the Saint Louis Dispatch “Michael Brown protesters interrupted the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s concert on Saturday night, causing a brief delay in the performance at Powell Symphony Hall. The orchestra and chorus were preparing to perform Johannes Brahms’ Requiem just after intermission when two audience members in the middle aisle on the main floor […]

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BREAKING- Coalition Government to Introduce “Mahler Licensing Scheme”

The Home Office is launching a new “Mahler Licensing Scheme” from 2013, it was announced on Tuesday in Downing Street. “If the tragic events of 2010-11 taught us anything” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a joint press conference with Home Secretary Teresa May and leading Mahler biographer Henri Louis de la Grange “it is […]

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LvB 9- Furtwangler 1942

“A unique personality whose fatal flaw lay in his uncompromising belief that music and art must be kept apart from politics, a conviction that transformed him into a tragic figure.” Publisher’s blurb for The Devil’s Music Master: The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwängler It will probably come as no surprise to readers that […]

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