Performer’s Perspective- Mahler 3, a lost friend

The Bridgewater Hall- Mahler in Manchester Shortly after I posted my most recent Mahler essay, I had a comment from Mahlerian and sometime Vftp contributor, Mitch Friedfeld, who suggested I might have overlooked something- There’s another instance of a Mahler-Brahms shout-out — I like that lingo, Ken! — but one with which Mahler was perhaps […]

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“Mahler’s Sym. No. 0” (Rott Symphony in E)

The subject recently came up of the Symphony in E by Hans Rott. Rott died a horrible death as a schizophrenic in a mental hospital. Had he remained healthy, he would surely have been one of the most important composers of all time. Mahler called him the “inventor of the modern symphony as I understand […]

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