LvB 9- Furtwangler 1942

“A unique personality whose fatal flaw lay in his uncompromising belief that music and art must be kept apart from politics, a conviction that transformed him into a tragic figure.” Publisher’s blurb for The Devil’s Music Master: The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwängler It will probably come as no surprise to readers that […]

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Re-rating Richard part III: Strauss, personality and politics

  Part III- Strauss’s personality and politics are as misunderstood as they are talked about. (Part I- “He was no Mahler, he was no Wagner” is here” Part III  Strauss- Innovation and Absolute Music is here) Richard Strauss’s music is an intergral and popular part of the modern concert repertoire, and yet, he remains one of […]

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Hans Gal’s time in the British internment camps during World War II

Whenever I play or conduct the music of Hans Gal, I get asked a lot of questions about his experiences during World War II. As part of the Bobby and Hans project, we thought it would be good to gather some of the excellent web resources in one place to help readers understand more about […]

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